PositionalCalls  is a site which gives the technical analysis of Indian Stock Market. We have various products to offer to its visitors including live market HEDGE CALLS, POSITIONAL FUTURE CALLS. It tries to take care of all your investment needs in relation to stock markets technically.

PositionalCalls has been promoted by a team of Professionally Qualified Analysts who are undisputed leaders in Index Forecasts and Short Term Trading, with clear objective of providing  Traders and Investors with some basic knowledge and guidance about trading through some highly affordable services.

At PositionalCalls, all the sincere efforts are done to help for Struggling Traders and Investors benefit from Indian Stock market by adopting a reasonably correct strategy with discipline.

At , we can help you with the complete process of identifying a potential trade, entering into that trade, riding the trade and booking profits at the end of that trend. This together with our built in risk & money management system will help any trader or investor extract maximum profits from the markets.

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OUR TEAM : All Content is developed and updated by our team of Qualified and Experienced Professionals We try to provide you with firsthand information and advice, which can prove to be profitable